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How many newspapers are there in Korea?

In the late 1980s, political liberalization in South Korea brought an end to tight government control of the media. As the Chun administration eased press restraints, formerly taboo subjects such as political-military relations, factions within the military and the activities of dissident groups began to appear in newspapers with regularity. Moreover, journalists at several Seoul papers organized trade unions to push for greater editorial autonomy and a more active role in newspaper management.

During the late Joseon era, Hansung Sunbo was published as a private newspaper with a mission to “enlighten the people and denounce absurd Joseon officials.” Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, the newspaper faced intense pressure from the government, which tried to control it through various measures such as banning foreign content and closing down offices in provincial cities.

Amid mounting tensions over the North’s recent rocket launch failure, the leaders of South Korea and the United States agreed to redouble their efforts to bring about a complete nuclear disarmament on the Korean Peninsula during a trilateral phone call. During the call, Seoul and Washington also agreed to strengthen coordination with long-time ally Japan in dealing with North Korea’s provocations.

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