A garden edging system is a convenient device that provides a neat and tidy appearance to the garden. It can be used to define a shrub bed, flower bed or a flower border. It can also be used to unify a pathway or patio. The edging can be made of metal or plastic.

How do I naturally edge my garden?

The edging is easily installed. There are several types of edging available, depending on the style of your yard and your budget. It can also be shaped to fit your specific needs.

FormBoss mentions about tightening diameters with so ease! A typical lawn edging consists of a trough. The trough is made of a material of your choice, such as PVC or opaque plastic. It is then secured to the ground. A vertical aperture on the top of the trough is suitable for a broom stick handle.

A trough has two upright sides that are parallel and spaced apart. It is constructed from a material that is resistant to the weather and has a flat bottom. It may also be made in a “VI” shape.

The edging device is made of a wedge-shaped, rigid plastic that narrows to a singular edge along its lower end. It includes a centrally disposed vertical aperture and a plurality of watering nozzles. A manual water coupling is also provided. This allows for control of the water flow.

An electrical coupler is also included. This enables for an individual water line to be replaced without replacing the entire edging apparatus. This also enables for the placement of discrete illuminating lights.https://www.youtube.com/embed/8s-9pAGailA

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