Sze & Andy

When I meet a couple for the very first time, I'm always hoping more than just to get along, but to make a connection. This is exactly how it fell into place with Sze and Andy. It was a relationship that was energetic and inspiring - the kind that spawns beautiful ideas and my desire to see two wonderful, down-to-Earth people fulfill their dreams of a perfect wedding day.

The ceremony was held by the Lakeside of Werribee Mansion and Spa at Werribee Park. What I love about this area is the privacy it affords to both the ceremony itself and the bride's first grand appearance, thanks to the surrounding dense bushes and trees. The bride arrived in a breathtaking strapless wedding gown, embellished with an sequined belt, delicate lace and romantic layers of frill, lace and ruffles to the train. What a sight!

Guests were greeted with a Welcome Sign on the way to the Lakeside. It was handwritten with the same fonttype used on Sze and Andy's letterpress wedding stationery collection, and took more than 1.5 hours to complete! That little smudge was someone checking to see if it really was written in chalk or just a print. I guess they got their answer! :)

After the ceremony, guests adjourned to the Library for a little indulgence. Sze and Andy are exceptional hosts and we were inspired to create a garden-themed dessert table with plenty of delectable bite-sized treats! You'll notice gorgeous elements at play including moss bunnies, mushroom cake pops in garden pails and baby carrot cupcakes topped with pink fondant rabbits! 


Sze and Andy gave each guest a succulent bomboniere and no effort was spared in the preparation this gorgeous gift. Succulents are enduring, and bear the symbolism of hope, family and new beginnings. Each succulent individually chosen. Each pot brush-finished with antique white to create a rustic yet clean finish then wrapped in either grey for the gentlemen, or pink polka dots for the ladies. Each name and 'care' pick individually cut and hand-assembled were designed to suit this uber-fresh and fun theme.

I had the pleasure of working with Kristen Cook on this wedding, and she's just the loveliest! 

When Paper Cranes and One Wedding Wish come together, it's magic! It was a pleasure to have Paper Cranes on board once again - the boys ~ Santo, Ferry and Dave are such a great team to work with. 

Sze and Andy, though our work is done and our journey with you have concluded, yours is only just beginning ~ the building of a life-long partnership and growing in love. Thank you for your friendship, trust and inspiration. I wish you both blessed days ahead and many amazing adventures! Joanie xox


Wedding planning and coordination: One Wedding Wish

Creative concept planning, floral design planning, decor, props and wedding styling: One Wedding Wish

Flowers: One Wedding Wish / Flowers of Canterbury 

Venue: Pavilion, Mansion Hotel and Spa at Werribee Park, Werribee Mansion

One Wedding Wish photography: Gavin Luu

Wedding photography: Kristen Cook

Wedding videography: Paper Cranes