Irene & Hadi - Stones of the Yarra Valley

I've said this many times before. Wedding styling comes from the heart. Put away your Pinterest board, magazine clippings and devices for a moment. Talk to each other. What is this day about? What are we about? What feelings will be conjured when we look back on this day?

Hadi and Irene knew exactly what this day represented for them. Both spiritual, family orientated and deeply devoted to each other,they engaged One Wedding Wish 10 months before their wedding day to design and execute upon a style plan that was a culmination of all the things they love and are. There is fragility and strength all at once, delicate and dramatic textures created at one of the most iconic venues - Stones of the Yarra Valley.

Ardent givers of their time to the service of others, the couple used their bomboniere to donate and help raise awareness for One Life to Love, an organisation dedicated to underprivileged children in New Delhi. This is the heart I speak of. This is the place to start. Myself and the One Wedding Wish team wish Hadi and Irene the most exciting adventures ahead. We are humbled to have served you both.

Creative concept planning, floral design planning, wedding branding, props and wedding styling: One Wedding Wish

Flowers: Foxy Evergreen

Venue: Stones of the Yarra Valley

Wedding photography: T-One Image

Wedding Videography: T-One Image

Bridal Hair and Makeup: Elly Liana

One Wedding Wish photography: Gavin Luu