About Us

"Before every picture perfect wedding, someone first dared to envision it."

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One Wedding Wish is a Melbourne-based wedding planning and wedding styling company, specialising in the creation of timeless, elegant and naturally beautiful wedding celebrations.

We capture and design a truly personal and heartfelt event for you and your partner. Our role is to ensure seamless cohesion through your wedding, from the bridal bouquets you carry, your reception centrepieces and tablescape, the flowers and colours that communicate your desired mood, right down to the fonts used on your welcome signs, menus and placecards.

We encourage you to spend some time on our website and take in the images of our real weddings. Our style is evolving, sometimes elegant and contemporary, and other times romantic, rustic and warm.

One Wedding Wish approaches weddings from both an aesthetics and practical perspective, combining not only visually beautiful decorative pieces, but we take the time to understand your entire day so that every moment is engaging, every space an experience, and every guest embraced in celebration. Underlying all our weddings, you'll always find our hallmark of freshness and attention to detail.  

Whether you are twelve months, or twelve weeks away from your Wedding Day, join us at our Mitcham studio for a coffee or a pot of tea, and let us tailor a service package that's just right for you. 


Do I need a Wedding Stylist?

The most common question brides ask us is, "What exactly does a wedding stylist do?"

We begin by getting to know you, and I mean, really get to know you. You are the beginning of this entire journey. We look for obvious and subtle clues and we fall hard for your love story. Without your input, we cannot take another step further. Every clue you give us plants the seed that eventually grows and culminates into a style plan. 

The venue you choose tells us so much about you. Our job is to embrace your decision and bring out the best in the venue's spaces. Our role is fulfilled when there's no start or finish to our hand in the transformation. It just is. Seamless. Cohesive. Gorgeous. A space perfectly embraced that your guests could almost believe this is how it looks 'all the time'. 

So how involved are we? We are across everything under the banner of styling. Ask us anything. We can tell you precisely how many pieces of soft weave linen are being used, how many gold teaspoons are required, how many style variations of candle holders are on each table. We know the name of every single flower and leaf used across the whole wedding. We know where each flower goes, what size it needs to be, what vessels they go into, how it is built, mounted or suspended. We know the exact dimensions of the bomboniere label and diameter of the gold sequined fabric wrap. We know the names of fonts used on the invitations and welcome signage. 

How do we know all of this? We designed it. We design it purposefully and thoroughly, and guard it so preciously. We take the time to workshop and prepare pages and pages of briefing notes for our talented partner suppliers who then execute our style plan to perfection. We are the first ones in and the last ones out. We are relentlessly detailed. 

We fight fires that our brides will never ever know about because we know the ins and outs to find a solution. We remove the fear. We remove the doubt. We break down walls so that our bride never feels overwhelmed or alone in her decisions.

We're a fun, positive and approachable team who are here for you and ready to help. Come meet us, and let us help you prepare for one of the most memorable days of your life.